The Studio

Canorous: Adjective characterizing speech or song, denoting resonant or melodious traits. 

Canorous Interactive strives to create games that push the boundaries of video games as an interactive medium by depicting human emotions, flaws, and strengths through deeply meaningful stories.
We want to share and nourish creative universes while creating innovative
gameplay experiences and new ways to play.


The studio is currently working on an unannounced game project.
Stay tuned as we progress towards the official announcement!


Canorous Interactive excels in offering comprehensive technical services, encompassing various dimensions of the video game production process. Our focus lies in providing expert support and consultation throughout the development journey, prioritizing assistance rather than
delivering complete solutions.

Canorous Interactive also offers artistic services that help our clients complete their projects. From concept ideation to final implementation, we work closely with our clients to ensure that their artistic vision is brought to life. Our artists possess a wide range of artistic styles and techniques, allowing us to cater to various art directions and genres, whether it's realistic, stylized, or something entirely unique.

Art Direction Services
Guiding visual aesthetics and maintaining a cohesive artistic vision throughout the game's development.

3D Modeling & Texturing
Crafting immersive environments and lifelike characters that captivate players.

Gameplay Mechanics Design
& Implementation
Crafting engaging gameplay experiences through meticulous design and seamless implementation.

Visual Effects
Adding stunning effects and animations that enhance gameplay and storytelling.

Technical Consultancy
Providing expert advice on game architecture, performance optimization, and technical challenges.

Programming Support
Assisting with coding and development tasks to ensure smooth and efficient game functionality.


There are sadly no full-time positions available at the moment.

If you are a freelancer and/or are looking to get in contact for near future openings,
feel free to reach us at